Automation Testing Within SDLC

Every AP Podcast is sharing knowledge-driven, and it’s all about us growing together. This month, we host Ammar Salosevic, QA Analyst at Authority Partners to talk about ‘Automation testing within SDLC’ and why it is an essential step in QA, which is often neglected.


How to Ace a Job Interview at Authority Partners?

In the AP Podcast, we host Zerina Sulejmanovic Terzic, a Lead Talent Acquisition Specialist at Authority Partners to share tips and tricks on applying for a job, presenting yourself in the best way, preparing for the interview, and many more.


Architecting Intelligent Software (Part 2)

We present you the second part of the AP Podcast episode entitled ‘Architecting Intelligent Software’ by Dino Esposito, Software Architect, and Mirano Galijasevic, Head of R&D at AP.


Architecting Intelligent Software (Part 1)

Mirano and Dino have something in common – their passion for technology is energy. While listening to this podcast, you will feel the power that comes from focusing on something that excites you. We promise you that!


Cross-System Cross-Functional Teams

Mustafa answers the question of what it really means to work in a complex work environment, and the need for multi-system, multi-role self-organizing, and self-progressive teams.