Programming Healthy Life Habits: Happy, Healthy Programmer!

We are lucky to live in a time when focus on healthy (or at least healthier) habits receives more attention than ever before. We tend to leave these conversations for our time off work, but, alas, we seem to have less and less of it. So now is the time to raise this issue to the next level and start talking about healthy life habits in places where we spend most of our time – at work. Avant-garde? Well, not really.

The Authority Partners Team Stories: Claury Franchesca Mejia Rodriguez

Sit for a second and imagine endless summer while drinking “Mama Juana” on 1290 kilometers of coastline, surrounded by 57 limestone caves with prehistoric drawings and carvings. Lively and uplifting dance music is heard from a nearby café – what a wonderful feeling. Welcome to the Dominican Republic, let’s meet Claury!

The Authority Partners Team Stories: Khaled Ahmed Mohamed Attia

Last month we took you to Brazil, now fasten your seat belt because we are going to another continent. We will talk about Impressive history, culture and the oldest civilization known to man, welcome to Egypt. In this month’s AP team story, we’ll introduce you to Khaled Ahmed Mohamed Attia, QA Engineer from Authority Partners.

AP Lab: Lifelong Learning is a Determinant of Success

The process of lifelong learning is a decisive factor in all aspects of professional and personal development. Accepting this fact at an early age, according to relevant studies conducted worldwide in different cultures and economies, is essentially the first step towards personal excellence.

Flavio dos Santos Cardoso

The Authority Partners Team Stories: Flavio dos Santos Cardoso

Meet Flavio, a Software Engineer from Brazil and an integrant of the most fun team in the Authority Partners. He is a father and husband, and he owns a puppy, three guitars, two bikes, and a motorcycle. How he manages to have time for all of it? He talks about the importance of stability and what it’s like to work with colleagues from different time zones. With whom he would swap for one-day roles in the AP. Find out in this month’s AP Team story.

High Numbers of the Proud AP Community Successful 400 23 16 and 1

High Numbers of the Proud AP Community: Successful 400+, 23, 16, and 1

On Thursday, March 25, Authority Partners marked three major and valuable anniversaries: 23 years of the company’s incorporation in the United States and the start of global business, 16 years of the opening of the technology center in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the first anniversary of the establishment of the AP Technology Center in Istanbul.