Authority Partners Job Fair: Company Culture is Imbedded in Everything We Do, Create, and Develop

Have you ever asked yourself, “when it comes to company culture, what would be your priority list for joining an IT company?” Well, we’ve just got the set of opinions from Authority Partners consultants on performance, culture, and relationships through the recent Consultants Engagement survey. The survey covers six important areas: career development, work engagement, compensation, the relationship with management, benefits, and work environment. It is important to mention that the response rate was high, which showcases our team’s passion for mutual success and development. 

According to consultants’ feedback, they are most satisfied with good relationships with their coworkers because they treat each other respectfully. In addition, the consultants are satisfied with their overall job security and consider AP a safe work environment. 93% all AP consultants are determined to give their best effort at work each day because they feel completely involved and understand how their work impacts the company’s business goals. 

Established results collected from the survey help us better understand our consultants, providing us with invaluable information to lead us to more fulfilling and successful relationships within Authority Partners, which is our priority. Each year we aim to improve our performance in all six areas and enhance our capacities to work together to reach our mission and vision. 

Speaking about results, Maja Karabeg, Co-Founder, said: “We, at Authority Partners, believe in continuous improvement, where we’re constantly thinking about what we’ve done and how we could be doing better. Consultant engagement is the extent to which consultants feel valued and involved in their everyday work. That is why in the last six years, we’ve been using a standard Consultants Engagement survey. We will continue working in making AP the best possible place to work.”

To learn more about AP Culture, press play on our podcast episode where Hana Kocan Bibic, Talent Acquisition Specialist at AP, discusses why cultural fit is essential and how to know if you are a match. In this podcast, the main theme is AP culture: its definition, how AP assesses cultural fit while being careful of potential risks and mistakes, and share some advice for anyone who is included in the hiring process in AP. If you are interested in seeking an open vacancy in this company, this may come as excellent preparation.

Upcoming AP events:

All IT professionals 

09/30/2021 Dev Talks Meetup

We invite you to a special edition of the Dev Talks Meetup on the topic “Taming a behemoth: Strangler Transformation”, where the AP team will share their hands-on experience on the project. Please join us on September 30th, 2021, from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM (CET) / 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM (PST)/ 8:00 pm (TRT)  via MS Teams.

Senior IT professionals 

10/15/2021 Authority Partners’ global Job Fair

Soon, on Friday, October 15th, many IT professionals from Turkey, Dominican Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and worldwide will attend Authority Partners’ global Job Fair to explore the possibilities of joining a leading IT company operating in the global market.  We invite you to sign up and get introduced to our company culture, opportunities to learn and grow, and possibilities to work with top-notch experts.

Junior IT professionals 

10/25/2021 AP Lab Cloud Masters Training Program

How to get exposure to the IT field and land a position at the start of the career ladder? 

Apply to the AP Lab Training Program! The Program offers 16 weeks of structured and well-designed lectures using top-notch technology and working on a live project. Throughout the program, you will gain a deeper understanding of all aspects of software engineering and the full software development life cycle – from planning, designing, building, testing, to deployment.

 This is your chance to create excellence and grow together with us!

 We are looking forward to meeting you soon!